Saturday, 17 September 2011


Hey ho,

Im now sitting on a train to my chosen city Aberdeen. I was told on numerous occasions last night that I will love it, and that It is a beautiful city, but I find it hard to believe that for sheer historical value, stunning beauty and depth of character that it will beat Edinburgh.

Many of you may have me drawn and quartered, and then attempt to have my head put on London Bridge for saying this (William Wallace anybody? No?) but Edinburgh blew London straight out of the water. No. Freaking. Contest. Edinburgh is everything London is not. Big without feeling crowded, small without feeling cramped. Where London is mean stranger, Edinburgh is like an old friend-always ready with some gentle ribbing, a pint, and a friendly 'Fuck Off!'

 Literally every inch of Edinburgh is dripping is history and culture, a very sizable portion of the town is a UNESCO world heritage site, and its hard not to feel the romantic and storied air of Edinburgh grip your soul by the throat and never let it go.

I find it hard to believe that I will ever find a place that I have been more welcomed and feel more connection to after only twelve hours.

You may ask yourself, Is this guy drunk? What is he even saying? If you dont believe me, go. Bring a friend if you like, but I suggest that you bring nothing but an open mind and no expectations, and you'll probably meet some there, like I did.

My first stop on this whirlwind tour of all things Edinburgh was the hostel. Which was a bitch of a walk from Waverley station carrying all my luggage, but like I said the buildings enough were more than enough to get me through it.
After that I went to the Royal Mile to scout around and get some food. I went to the Royal MacGreggor pub for some food, and tried to plan out my day.

Dont go to the Royal Mile. Its chintzy, cheap, and touristy. I will amend that statement almost immediately. Go to the Royal Mile, but dont stay there. Take a tour, and then have a pint. Its almost impossible not to love this city.

I will try to write more about my experience later, but I have a wicked hangover, and this train is murder.


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  1. love the blogging keep it up bub!!!and hangover so soon....,really?!?!?! enjoy the adventure. with a wish and a prayer i will get over there to see what you are talking about. sure wish i was there now.
    love you bunches